Support and Funding

Thanks for being here!

I write software for fun. If that software makes someone's life easier along the way, all the better! I started writing software in 2014, began working on open source in 2016, and finally figured git out in 2018. Nearly all of the software I use in my day-to-day life is open source. I hope to work full time on open source software one day, but my employer right now is entirely closed-source, servers aren't free, and devs need to eat. Until I can make a living on FOSS, my time and ability to contribute to other projects are very limited.

How to fund me

While my part-time job pays the bills with a little room for fun, donations will let me spend more time contributing to projects I care about, and projects of my own that I think might be useful.

For now, donation options are limited. You can support me on Liberapay while I'm working on adding more options (such as Ko-fi).

What your funding will do

Every little bit counts!

As always, I'm always happy to receive contributions to my open-source projects. Issues and PRs are always welcome! 😊