Average Helper

I’m a regular average software developer, doing regular average codethings since 2011. I try to be helpful where I can.

Stuff I do for fun

Here’s a few things I built myself that I’m proud of:

Gamgee - A fun little Discord bot to help manage a music queue for public DJ events. Written in TypeScript. (Currently working on moving the source to Forgejo.)

flashcards - A simple flashcards site. Uses zero Javascript to present card decks! (Very much work-in-progress.)

Recorded Finance - An end-to-end encrypted finance app for keeping track of account balances. The front-end is written in Svelte, with TypeScript on the front- and back-end. (Work-in progress, rewriting back-end for easier self-hosting.)

ItemEncryptor - A Swift package to make data encryption easy. I use this in some of my smaller projects to facilitate end-to-end encryption of sensitive data. (Basically done, might need updating for Swift 6.)

This website (HTTP version) - All HTML, CSS, and Markdown, rolled together statically using Astro. (Always a work in progress, lol.)

This website (Gemini version) - Like this site, but it’s static Gemtext to experiment with Geminispace, soon to be hosted at gemini://average.name

And lots more on my git forge. See also my status page for my self-hosting endeavors.

Stuff I get paid for

I freelance in my spare time. Hire me!

My first and biggest client so far have only closed-source code, unfortunately, but I have contributed to open-source projects on their behalf.