Average Helper

I’m just a regular average developer girl, doing regular average codethings since 2011. I try to be helpful where I can.

Stuff I do for fun

Here’s a few things I built myself that I’m proud of:

Gamgee - A fun little Discord bot to help manage a music queue for public DJ events. Written in TypeScript.

flashcards - A simple flashcards site. Uses zero Javascript to present card decks!

ItemEncryptor - A Swift package to make data encryption easy. I use this in some of my smaller projects to facilitate end-to-end encryption of sensitive data.

Recorded Finance - An end-to-end encrypted finance app for keeping track of account balances. The front-end is written in Svelte, with TypeScript on the front- and back-end.

And more on my git forge.

Stuff I get paid for

I first learned Typescript, Vue, and Node since starting at Inventory Shield, LLC in 2018. Their products are web apps, with Apache Cordova to wrap them into iOS and Android app shells for native device features. Unfortunately, the source code not available to read, but you can check out their products instead:

Inventory Shield - An inventory management solution for businesses.

Referral Reactor - A referral management platform. Anyone can use Referral Reactor for free, and get monetary bonuses for sending referrals to participating businesses.