I go by "Average Helper" online. I'm just a regular average developer girl, doing regular average codethings since 2011. I try to be helpful where I can, especially to write respectful software.

Stuff I do for fun

Here's just a few things I worked on myself that I'm proud of. The code is spread around my Forgejo instance, Codeberg, and GitHub.

Stuff I get paid for

My personal work is mainly with open-source projects and mobile applications. Since starting at Inventory Shield, LLC in 2018, I began working with web technologies. Inventory Shield's tech stack is TypeScript and Vue.js on the front-end, and Node.js (of course with TypeScript) on the back-end. The products are web apps, and we use Apache Cordova™ to wrap them in iOS and Android app shells for better device features.

Unfortunately, the company's code is closed-source. You can check out their products at their respective sites: